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Getting a picture with David Cornacchia had to be one of the greatest memories I have of the 2003-2004 Kelly Cup championship team. The picture is my favorite. Dylan Gyori "Retro" is so funny. I enjoyed chatting with him Derek Paget, Brett Draney, Jeff Bateman, and David Cornacchia, while eating dinner with the boys. Our meet n' greet for the 2005-2006 season in the Steelheads locker room was the best yet. We had a lot more room then at Columbia Village (2004-2005 meet n' greet) the boys creamated 15 pizza's in like 20 minutes! Even though I dont have pictures on my computer, the Steelheads Awards Banquet for 2005-2006 was so much fun, along with our christmas party. oh that was a blast and a site to see. I met Mike Stutzel at the Party and at the Banquet I sat with Alex Dunn and Mike Adamek. Their Hilarious!!! Well, Enjoy!!!

David Cornacchia #43 and I

Our Meet N' Greet 2005. Alf engaged in a conversasion with Defensemen Jarad Bourassa

We Win the Kelly Cup!!!!

Our first Year in the ECHL!!!!! We beat the odds, and won that cup. A moment I will never forget

Dylan Gyori (#19) and I 5-26-04

Dylan is a really funny guy! I enjoyed our 20 minute conversation. He told me to call him "Retro" and that "all the guys on the team are very easy going and laid back." He was right they were!

Down in the Locker Room!!!

Amanda, Tyrell Moulton (#28) and I in the Steelheads locker room 10-6-05. Tyrell is a very interesting person, who doesnt take any crap from anyone. Here we are posing for a picture that was later put in the newsletter.

Chillin w/ the Goalie!

Netminder Matt "Yahtze" Yeats and I down in the locker room. When I asked him if I could have a picture with him he replied with a "Most Definatley!" I talked to him about the team and Coach Laxdal, Since the coach was new not a lot of the players had really gotten to know him that well, Matt told me however that "He seems like a good guy." Well, Coach is a really neat guy!

Greg Hornby Smiling Big!

A rare moment that was captured of Hornby, (usually he is giving someone an ass kickin') Greg is a really laid back guy, real outgoing. His jersey sold for a lot of money at the 2006 auction. He was pretty funny at the Banquet. Here Greg has all his teeth, (his is missing one), but nothing wrong with that!!!! Missing a tooth in hockey just means u kicked some serious butt and have the proof to prove it. Greg had to be one of my favorites this season.

Just Chillin w/ The Boys!

Brad Thompson, Cathie, and Dan Hacker. Cathie helps with our lending closet. Brad got traded during the season and Dan was in and out also, but they are awesome hockey players!


Amanda and I just hanging out and goofing off for the camera, just moments before our shot with Tyrell Moulton...!

Matt N' Matt

 Matt Reid (11) and Yahtze. Both Smile for the camera. They aren't afraid to flash those pearly whites!!!


The 2003-2004 Kelly Cup Championship Team.


The Boys' names are proudly engraved in that cup!

Derek Paget

Derek played his last season with Idaho in 2003-2004 the year we one the cup. He was a key part in winning the cup. He has a good sense of humor and I am very glad that I got to meet him back in 2004.

Goalie Tommy, and his lovely wife Anna!

Tommy, is a California boy, and as for Anna, well she grew up here in Idaho. They were really nice people. Though Tommy, didn't make the team because Coach already had two goaltenders picked out. (Matt Yeats and Steve Silverthorn.) None the less, Tommy and Anna were cool!

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