'Over the Years'

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I attended my first hockey game in early 2003, and I was hooked. The Steelheads were up against the Las Vegas Wranglers, I do believe we lost. Oh, what a game though! Lucky me got to see a fight between two players, and it was pretty cool. Johnathan Shockey was fighting one of our players but I can't remember who it was, but we won. "Over the Years" I made because I wanted to not only thank the Idaho Steelheads for all that they have down for me over the past three years, but I also wanted to show others what a good team they are. Not only on the ice, but off the ice as well. No, matter what a player is doing or how tired they are, you always get your picture and your autograph that you ask for. The boys may be tired, but they never ignore their fans. If you say Hello, they'll say it back. The sense of humor that each and every one of them have is just amazing, all of them are very personable people. Most of all, I wanted to bring up how much the Idaho Steelheads do for the city of Boise, and surrounding communities. They travel to schools, hospitals, hold hockey clinics, and even show up at our mall. Steelheads players volunteer for the "Big Brothers, Big Sisters After School Monitoring" Progam. Players & Staff have "littles" that they hang around with and read to. Scott Burt & Jeremy Mylymok two of our veteren players have done a lot in the community in the 6 years that they have been  playing for Idaho. Jeremy is the Ambassador for Youth Hockey in the Treasure Valley. Scott goes around during the off season and gives season ticket holders signed hockey sticks. Just recentley in during the 2005-2006 the Steelheads got a new coach. Derek Laxdal, he has done a great job coaching the team. He even "upgraded" the locker room. Putting words around the wall like "Determination, Dedication, and teamwork" He came to the team and put it together in a short amount of time, which was pretty cool. All of that being said.Hope ya'll enjoy the site, and get a glimpse of what the team is like.  

Goaltender Dan Ellis

Brett Draney #25. I was fortunate enough to not only meet him, but I also have his signed stick from the 2003-2004 season. His stick is my most prized possession. Its hangs on my wall above my bed. with three signed hockey pucks.

Lance Galbraith

This picture is just lovely (not) I had to been saying something to Lance when this picture was taken(obviously). Still another great moment

Our wonderful Mascot!

Bonk, is the coolest mascot ever! During hockey games he loves to bang on the seats and run around! I could never imagine us having another mascot.

Scott Burt

One of our Veterns Scott Burt kickin some serious Butt!

Mom, and I with Scott Burt

My first skate with the players, March 27, 2004. Which was the night my cousin was born so, the night was already special. Meeting Scott Burt made it twice as special. I didnt even realize that he was a hockey player at first because he had been behind the bench not dressed down in a hockey uniform. This was one of my very first functions I attended with the boys.

Cal Ingraham

Real neat guy. Met him during the 2005 winterland parade. He has some really cute kids. Best part about the entire experiance of meeting Cal had to have been the Hummer ride. While we were driving down the main streets of Boise for the parade,  Cal's little boy Jake wanted candy and Cal told him no, then in the cutiest little kid voice Jake said "please" oh, it was funny! I had been holding another member's little boy when Jake started playing with the heat vents in the back seat of the Hummer. Then the little boy I had been holding started playing with the heat vents as well and Cal was like "Jake see what you did" Couldnt help but laugh. Cal is a great guy.

My Favorite Picture of Greg Hornby (white jersey). He is never afraid to take anybody on, and if you piss him off out on the ice. Well, he would come after you and let you know it. I don't know how many fights I saw Greg get in. Don't think I have seen him lose a fight. I know he doesn't lose many. So if he swings you better duck!


My Favorite picture of Zenon Konopka. Another good ass kicker who isnt afraid to swing. After playing for Idaho Zenon became the first Steelheads player to go from the ECHL to the NHL. He plays for the Mighty Ducks. During his 2003-2004 season with Idaho, he had 80 stitches or more put in him from various injuries. On one occasion he broke his nose after bouncing it off one of our boards in the arena during a hockey game.

Yahtze making a save

Opening Night. October 21st 2005. Matt Yeats making and incredible save against long beach ice dogs. We won the opening game; and the next two.


During our first three games at home. We were on fire. Unstoppable.

New Coach!

We got a new coach not long before the 2005-2006 season. Derek Laxdal has done one hell of a job during his first season with the Steelheads, Im sure he will do great in seasons to come.

Fired up and ready to rock n' roll

The boys are ready to get another game started

Coach Olver and Mrs. Olver

Our former coach with Mrs. Olver. This was taken during a Make A Wish function, before however I was involved with the club. A great picture though. Thought it was a cute picture so I threw it in here.

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