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Steelheads Will Start 2006-2007 Season with New Logo

 June 13, 2006

The Idaho Steelheads have announced that they will be trading in the old for the new. The new Logos caputre the spirit of Idaho and the fast pace of Steelheads Hockey. The color scheme is black, blue and silver. With Idaho's mountains in the background. The secondary logo will show the Steelhead Fish.  Michael Reagan of MMG designed the new logo. Blake Thornton of Hailey, Idaho was recognized by Eric Trapp, who designed the original logo for the Steelheads team. There will be many changes to the Steelheads hockey organization during the 2006-2007 seasons as the the Steelheads enter another decade of hockey. They will be celebrating 10 years in 2007.

Dallas Stars Sign Contract with Steelheads

NHL team the Dallas Stars made an announcement today, stating that they signed an extension affiliate agreement for one year with the Steelheads. During the 2003-2004 season the Stars were also our affiliate. Dallas is excited to be signed with us and along with the Iowa Stars of the AHL, which Idaho is also signed with. Idaho's players will have a shot at playing in the American Hockey League and the National Hockey League.

New Steelheads Logo

June 20th 2006~ Steelheads Sign 1st Two Players of 2006-2007 Season

Defenseman Kory Scoran and forward John Hopson are the first two players to be on the Steelheads roster for the upcoming season, Kory played 8 games with the Steelheads during the 2005-2006 season. John comes from the University of Maine, and will be playing for Idaho for the first time


There is a rumor going around that the Idaho Steelheads Mascot Bonk, will be no more when the 2006-2007 season starts. Now, I have not heard who the new Mascot will be or if Bonk is really leaving, but as soon as I know, I will update and let everyone know.

6-21-06- The Rooster Returns to Boise!!!!

2003-2004 Kelly Cup Champion Lance Galbraith is back in Boise and will be playing for the Idaho Steelheads with a one year contract..

6-26-06 Rallo and Forsyth Sign Contracts

The NHL's Dallas Stars and the AHL Iowa Stars affiliates of the Idaho Steelheads have announced that Greg Rallo and Blake Forsyth will be playing for the Steelheads during the 2006-2007 hockey season. Blake played in 64 games last season and Greg played 14 games. Coach Laxdal needs "Warriors" to help build a championship team and he believes that both Greg and Blake will be a huge part in our team this year.  

 7-5-06 Veteran Signs with Steelheads.

Hodgeville, SK native Marty Flichel, has signed a one year contract with the Idaho Steelheads. He will be playing his fourth season with the Steelheads. Coach Laxdal, believes that Marty will be playing a big part in bringing the Steelheads to a championship.



On Wednesday, July 12th at 2:30 pm. The Idaho Steelheads will make a huge team announcement outside in front of Qwest Arena. Media, and fans are all invited.



7-11-06 Hay Back in Boise.

Darrelll Hay another 2004 Kelly Cup Champion is back in Boise and will be playing for the Idaho Steelheads  for the 2006-2007 season. He returns after playing on season in Europe. Hayzee's back and ready to roll!

7-12-06 Steelheads to Host 2007 ECHL ALL STAR GAME

On, January 17, 2007 the Idaho Steelheads will be hosting the ECHL All Star game. A three day event.



My Apologies: My computer is not working correctly right now, so there will be no updates or additions to the site for awhile. Sorry.


Idaho Steelheads have signed two rookies. Forwards Mark O’Leary and Nathan Ward have both signed a one year ECHL contract with the hockey club. Nathan Ward was recommended by former Steelhead Mike Cabinet. Coach Laxdal, says that Mark O' Leary is built on Character and Leadership.


We have two new rookies joining our 2006-2007 season.. Anthony Adams and Travis Wight will make their 1st pro appearences when the Steelheads play against Long Beach October 20th, 2006. Travis Wight attending the University of Maine. Anothony Adams played at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Dan Hacker who played for Idaho last season, signed with Idaho's affiliate (AHL) the Iowa Stars.

1/18/07 Catching up

Wow, long time no post! alot has happend since the Start of the 2006-2007 season. I dont even know where to start; to catch anyone up; we had a great start to our season, won a lot of games in a row (6), but then we went down hill. We have been battling ever since, but we are still in good standing. Most of our players are really young, but we still have some veterans (like Scott Burt, & Marty Flichel) on December 9th 2006 Jeremy Mylymok (#4) had a retirement ceremony,during the second intermission at the game. His Jersey has not made it up next to cal's,but we are working on that! I missed a lot this season, due to work and finacial issues, The Meet N' Greet, well I was sick and Highly Contagious, First Skate with the players had to work. I did manage to make it too the Christmas party though, and man it had to be the best on yet, I sat next to Rookie Goaltender John Daigneau and his fellow team-mate Goalie Steve Silverthorn. Travis Wight's dance (To Smack that, by akon) had to be the coolest thing.  We just had our all star game 2007 here in Boise Wednesday night (Which was awesome) There are a lot of young talented players around our League. The National Conference (team w/  the steelheads) lost to the american team 6-3. By the game was good (Didnt make the skills compitition.) Well tonight we face off against the Phoenix Roadrunners at 7:10 pm. (hope we seek a little revenge for what their Goalie *Cody Rudowsky* did to John Daigneau the last time these to hockey clubs played! Till Next Time! GO Steelheads Go!